Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why so long?

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I did a new post! Almost a whole month ago!

We have been up to quite a bit, parades, beach, pools, play dates, plowing match, and Mike had a week's vacation in there.

Mike mostly took the vacation so we could get the rest of the renovations done around the house, since we put the mini home up for sale a couple of weeks ago. No calls yet, but I hope someone is interested soon because it would be so nice to be in a new home by Christmas.

Brayden is growing like a bad weed and doesn't sit still for two minutes anymore. He is standing on his own for a few seconds at a time, he has 8 teeth, (4 on top, 4 on bottom), he is eating anything we will give him, he especially loves blueberries, and he is doing great at drinking from a sippy cup. Oh, and he is getting some more hair. Finally. It's hard for me to believe how fast time has been going by and that he is 9 months old already. He is trying to mimick what we say all the time, he knows what the cow says (moo), he says hi, mom, dada, and hums along to some songs, he is so smart!

So that is about it for now, for the bragging at least! We are heading out to the beach later on today to enjoy the last few days of summer before the weather turns colder.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brayden's Family

This past Sunday we went to Mike's family reunion down in White Sands. I met quite a few relatives that I hadn't met before. It was a nice time. Brayden also got to meet a lot of family members. It gave me an opportunity to get a picture of Brayden, Mike, Mike's dad Wayde, and his mom, Maisie. 4 Generations.

Yesterday we had some much needed rain, and Brayden and I spent most of the day just lounging around the house playing with his toys. My flower garden definitley looks much healthier since the rain.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Finally, summertime has arrived on PEI, and bringing with it, HOT weather. Thankfully my parents gave us one of their air conditioners this summer and we are fairing out not too badly. I've also had Brayden in his pool a few times. He loves the water and has such a great time splashing and giggling, it is so cute! I also found out last week at the beach that he LOVES to eat mud!

This weekend is Mike's family reunion, so I will be meeting quite a few people that I haven't met before and everyone will get to meet Brayden.

We have been keeping pretty quiet so that is all I have to say for now :)

Oh almost forgot, I took Brayden to Georgetown this week for a tour of the Bluenose II while it was docked there. For a little guy who doesn't know much about boats, he was impressed!

Monday, July 16, 2007

First Camping Trip

This weekend we took Brayden on his first camping trip. We weren't really roughing it, my parents have a camper that they keep at the St. Peters campground during the summer months. But we had a good time all the same. Except for the mosquitos. Who ever has a good time with them? Brayden slept quite well considering the strange place and the heat.

I also took him to the parade in Georgetown for Georgetown days on Saturday morning. He had a great time waving to everyone. Today we went mini golfing at the Seal Cove campground, which was also a good time.

We are definitly enjoying the good weather we have been having the last few days and plan to keep enjoying it as long as we can!

Brayden is crawling faster than ever now and is also "cruising" around furniture. There is not stopping this little guy.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Even more teeth

Brayden's two front teeth finally came through. And now the ones on either side of them are coming too. It still could be a while before we see them, but the gums are swollen up now. I hope that these ones aren't as rough as the last two. Brayden finally got rid of the runny nose and stuffiness this past Monday. And my sweet little boy is back. In fact, he is even sweeter because now he is giving kisses and hugs.

The crawling is getting faster and faster, sometimes I think he is in a race. He is also pulling up on everything and walking around the furniture. I think once he learns to not take giant steps, he will be walking not too long after that. So here are the bruises, bumps and falls that everyone warned be about!

Brayden will be 8 months old this coming Sunday, July 15th. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, where has the time gone?

That's it for now, except, BIG Congratulations to Marko, Laura, and Sean Peric on the upcoming new addition to their family! Laura has a blog with sweet pictures of her little guy Sean, and you can have a look at www.lauraperic.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More teeth

We've seen them coming for a while now, but Brayden's two front teeth finally broke through. And I do believe there is another bottom one on the way, but I could be wrong. All I know is my happy all the time baby is gone and is replaced by one minute happy, the next minute screaming in my face runny nosed monster! I have attributed the runny nose to the teeth coming, but it is still no fun.

We took Brayden to the Canada Day parade in Cardigan this past Sunday, and he slept through most of it, all of the fire trucks went by with their sirens, but he just kept snoring, then a dirt bike went by and scared him awake. We also went to the parade in Murray Harbour on Monday and planned on going to the fireworks that evening (where I had planned on getting some good pictures of Brayden and fireworks) but he was CRANKY and we came home and put him to bed.

Last week we also spent a day at the beach with my sister Sue and the two kids she babysits, Francis and Grace. We had a great time. Today we are heading to Kings Castle to enjoy some nice weather before a few days of rain.

Brayden is crawling everywhere, and he has gotten fast! He is also pulling himself up very well at the couch. Before he decides its worth his time to come up, he peeks to see if there is anything to grab first. It's pretty funny, especially if you catch him with the phone dialing up a number. He gets pretty angry when he is interrupted.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Playing with friends

Brayden loves to play with other kids and babies. Well play might be the wrong word, um wrestle may be a better one. He is at the stage where he wants to pull hair, pinch, bite, etc, and whoever he can get ahold of they are getting it. We went over to our friend's Cory and Amanda's the other night, their daughter Addison is a week younger than Brayden and they are equally rough. Except Addison has hair and Brayden doesn't. But they usually have a pretty good time together, stealing toys, giggling and just having fun.

Also this week, Brayden started crawling. Look out world! I bought him a blue ball the other day from the Superstore, and we would roll it across the floor and he would get on his hands and knees and try to get it, and finally on Wednesday he went across the livingroom, and he hasn't stopped yet. He wants to master the kitchen, but to his dismay, today I dug out the baby gate and put it up. Next will be walking I guess, there's no stopping him now!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Growing up

Last Friday, Brayden turned 7 months old. He is growing up so fast. He is learning new things everyday and trying so many new foods. He loves toast, sweet potatoes, watermelon, apples, bananas, and peas to name a few. And he loves to feed himself. He's still working on crawling, and he can go a little bit, and can also pull himself up to standing when he is holding onto my hands or arms.

Yesterday was Father's Day, and Brayden and I got his daddy a new sheft system for the building, new shorts, a new shirt and a gadget for the satellite radio to be mounted to the dash of our car instead of the winshield where it keeps falling down. We went out to breakfast with both our families to the new restaurant in Murray River, The Finnan Haddie. It was pretty good.

Then we all went up to Mike's parents' house for some yummy ice cream cake. Here I got a few pictures of Brayden riding his bike and with his grandparents.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Silly Boy

Sometimes after supper, I give Brayden a baby mum-mum cookie. He really likes them, and it is something big enough that he can't shove it all in his mouth, and it melts quickly. Today was one of those days that I gave one to him. I turned away for a minute to check on the spaghetti sauce I was making, when I turned back to Brayden, he had most of the cookie stogged in between his chin and his chest. So funny I had to get a picture to share.

Also today, Brayden said "hi dada". He has been babbling on and on with dada, and gaga, sometimes it sounds like he says hi, but today it was a definite hi dada.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great Weekend

What a great weekend we had. We finally got the skirting on our mini home painted to match the new siding that went on late last fall. We don't have blue skirting with our brown home now. We got some topsoil for the back yard. Those are big accomplishments! Brayden enjoyed seeing his Grampy Wayde pulling in with the dump truck with the topsoil, didn't take his eyes off him for a second and even waved to him! On Saturday night Mike and I went to my old roommate Kayla's wedding dance for a bit. She looked gorgeous and we had a good time catching up. On Sunday, Brayden and I went to Georgetown for a family ball game and BBQ. We didn't participate in the ball game, but Brayden had a great time socializing with his cousin Ava. I got a sunburn, even though I was wearing sunscreen, but other than that we had a great time and were both tuckered out when we got home Sunday evening.

Yesterday, I put on Baby Einstein on the Farm for Brayden to watch while I washed bottles and made formula. I had a peek at him and found that he was watching the show by peeking through his Sesame Street Gym. Too cute to pass up on a picture!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sunny Days

The last few days, Brayden and I have taken the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. On Tuesday morning (while it rained) we had a playdate with Amy and Katelyn Doucette. Katelyn is 9 months old, and just so cute. Then in the afternoon when it cleared up, Sandra and I took Brayden to Kings Castle and went down on the beach for some pictures. It was such a nice day, and Brayden loves watching the waves go in and out. We put his feet in the sand and he loved this, squishing the mud between his toes.

On Wednesday we went to visit April and Ava and spent some time outside with them. I got some great shots of the two kids. They are so cute.

Today it rained, so we didn't play outside, but went to town with my Dad. Tomorrow we are hoping for sunshine since Brenda and Maysea are coming down for a walk on the trail. Come on sunshine!
( Picture 1: Brayden and Katelyn; 2: Brayden and I at the beach; 3: Toes in the mud; 4: Ava watching the dandelions; 5: Brayden looking at himself in the mirror)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Crawl Baby!

Brayden is at that stage now that sitting is not good enough anymore. So he is trying to get around the best way he can. Sometimes he will take his giraffe and push it a bit away and then use it for leverage to pull himself across the room. Too funny. He also knows how to get on all fours, but can't figure out how to get anywhere yet. I think my days of sitting Brayden on the floor with toys to get some housework done are over!

Brayden's two top front teeth are finally making their way in. He spent some time on Saturday with Grammie Somers and she is the one who noticed them. So those pearly whites are making the boy cranky today. I think he might look like a redneck with just those four teeth...oh well, he will always be my little cutie!!

Brayden also tried MUM MUM cookies for the first time last week. First time he didn't like them at all, but now he LOVES them! Check out the new pics of him eating the cookies.