Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great Weekend

What a great weekend we had. We finally got the skirting on our mini home painted to match the new siding that went on late last fall. We don't have blue skirting with our brown home now. We got some topsoil for the back yard. Those are big accomplishments! Brayden enjoyed seeing his Grampy Wayde pulling in with the dump truck with the topsoil, didn't take his eyes off him for a second and even waved to him! On Saturday night Mike and I went to my old roommate Kayla's wedding dance for a bit. She looked gorgeous and we had a good time catching up. On Sunday, Brayden and I went to Georgetown for a family ball game and BBQ. We didn't participate in the ball game, but Brayden had a great time socializing with his cousin Ava. I got a sunburn, even though I was wearing sunscreen, but other than that we had a great time and were both tuckered out when we got home Sunday evening.

Yesterday, I put on Baby Einstein on the Farm for Brayden to watch while I washed bottles and made formula. I had a peek at him and found that he was watching the show by peeking through his Sesame Street Gym. Too cute to pass up on a picture!