Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sunny Days

The last few days, Brayden and I have taken the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. On Tuesday morning (while it rained) we had a playdate with Amy and Katelyn Doucette. Katelyn is 9 months old, and just so cute. Then in the afternoon when it cleared up, Sandra and I took Brayden to Kings Castle and went down on the beach for some pictures. It was such a nice day, and Brayden loves watching the waves go in and out. We put his feet in the sand and he loved this, squishing the mud between his toes.

On Wednesday we went to visit April and Ava and spent some time outside with them. I got some great shots of the two kids. They are so cute.

Today it rained, so we didn't play outside, but went to town with my Dad. Tomorrow we are hoping for sunshine since Brenda and Maysea are coming down for a walk on the trail. Come on sunshine!
( Picture 1: Brayden and Katelyn; 2: Brayden and I at the beach; 3: Toes in the mud; 4: Ava watching the dandelions; 5: Brayden looking at himself in the mirror)

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