Monday, July 16, 2007

First Camping Trip

This weekend we took Brayden on his first camping trip. We weren't really roughing it, my parents have a camper that they keep at the St. Peters campground during the summer months. But we had a good time all the same. Except for the mosquitos. Who ever has a good time with them? Brayden slept quite well considering the strange place and the heat.

I also took him to the parade in Georgetown for Georgetown days on Saturday morning. He had a great time waving to everyone. Today we went mini golfing at the Seal Cove campground, which was also a good time.

We are definitly enjoying the good weather we have been having the last few days and plan to keep enjoying it as long as we can!

Brayden is crawling faster than ever now and is also "cruising" around furniture. There is not stopping this little guy.

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