Friday, July 27, 2007


Finally, summertime has arrived on PEI, and bringing with it, HOT weather. Thankfully my parents gave us one of their air conditioners this summer and we are fairing out not too badly. I've also had Brayden in his pool a few times. He loves the water and has such a great time splashing and giggling, it is so cute! I also found out last week at the beach that he LOVES to eat mud!

This weekend is Mike's family reunion, so I will be meeting quite a few people that I haven't met before and everyone will get to meet Brayden.

We have been keeping pretty quiet so that is all I have to say for now :)

Oh almost forgot, I took Brayden to Georgetown this week for a tour of the Bluenose II while it was docked there. For a little guy who doesn't know much about boats, he was impressed!

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