Monday, June 4, 2007

Crawl Baby!

Brayden is at that stage now that sitting is not good enough anymore. So he is trying to get around the best way he can. Sometimes he will take his giraffe and push it a bit away and then use it for leverage to pull himself across the room. Too funny. He also knows how to get on all fours, but can't figure out how to get anywhere yet. I think my days of sitting Brayden on the floor with toys to get some housework done are over!

Brayden's two top front teeth are finally making their way in. He spent some time on Saturday with Grammie Somers and she is the one who noticed them. So those pearly whites are making the boy cranky today. I think he might look like a redneck with just those four teeth...oh well, he will always be my little cutie!!

Brayden also tried MUM MUM cookies for the first time last week. First time he didn't like them at all, but now he LOVES them! Check out the new pics of him eating the cookies.

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