Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More teeth

We've seen them coming for a while now, but Brayden's two front teeth finally broke through. And I do believe there is another bottom one on the way, but I could be wrong. All I know is my happy all the time baby is gone and is replaced by one minute happy, the next minute screaming in my face runny nosed monster! I have attributed the runny nose to the teeth coming, but it is still no fun.

We took Brayden to the Canada Day parade in Cardigan this past Sunday, and he slept through most of it, all of the fire trucks went by with their sirens, but he just kept snoring, then a dirt bike went by and scared him awake. We also went to the parade in Murray Harbour on Monday and planned on going to the fireworks that evening (where I had planned on getting some good pictures of Brayden and fireworks) but he was CRANKY and we came home and put him to bed.

Last week we also spent a day at the beach with my sister Sue and the two kids she babysits, Francis and Grace. We had a great time. Today we are heading to Kings Castle to enjoy some nice weather before a few days of rain.

Brayden is crawling everywhere, and he has gotten fast! He is also pulling himself up very well at the couch. Before he decides its worth his time to come up, he peeks to see if there is anything to grab first. It's pretty funny, especially if you catch him with the phone dialing up a number. He gets pretty angry when he is interrupted.

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Laura said...

I LOVE these pics Sarah!! He is such a little cutie pie!!