Monday, February 26, 2007

winter winter go away

Today I'm starting to come down with the dreaded cold that everyone has been passing around, sore head, cough, I hope Brayden doesn't get it.

This week Mr. Brayden got a new highchair from his Gram and Gramp Somers (my parents), and he LOVES it, it's high up so he can see all around and the tray is great for holding toys, and it also makes cereal feeding that much easier on my

We have moved Brayden into his own room last Friday. The first night was pretty hard on my not having my baby beside my bed, but now that the third night is past, it has gotten easier, and he is sleeping great in there. The first night he was up about 4 times, the second about the same, but last night, he was up once. The second time he got up it was 6:30, so I just took him into bed with me for some cuddling, his favorite time I like to think.

A couple of new pictures this time, a few in his new high chair. There is also one of him with a monkey hat on. My Aunt Bea sent over some stuff for Brayden and this hat was in there with the mits to match, it's a bit big, but will be great for next winter, and it was good for a giggle and a picture, I also added one of Brayden having a nap on his Montreal Canadien sheets....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

where is the time going???

Last Thursday, Brayden turned the big THREE MONTHS OLD!!! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were anxiously waiting for him to arrive, but I would not want to go back to waiting. He is so funny, and smart. He sits up on his own, and I have tried him in his exersaucer, which he loves. He can be his nosy self and look all over the place. (see pictures)

He is also getting very big. I haven't weighed him in about a month, but I figure he is close to 16lbs now. His car seat his heavier and heavier to carry everytime we go somewhere it seems. Oh well, I guess that could count as some weight training lol.
So in the first pictures, it is my friend April, her daughter Ava, and Brayden, we were delivering Ava's valentine from Brayden, the next two pics are of Brayden in his exersaucer, and the last pic is my cousin Norman and his girlfriend Bobbi's new baby, Ava.
There are lots of Ava's around these days and they are all BEAUTIFUL!!!
So I guess that's it for today....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

pics of brayden

so here are some pictures of Brayden, ranging from in the hospital to now.....

Friday, February 9, 2007

New Page

Well, I did have a page started on windows live, but since I couldn't put up videos of my little man on there, we have switched. Here is the link to that page if you did want to check it out
This week, Brayden rolled over from his belly to his back, and I caught a bit of a video of it, and he is also sitting up on his own while on his change table (with me close by of course), but only with no clothes on will he do this, I guess the clothes add too much weight to his already chubby belly.