Thursday, July 12, 2007

Even more teeth

Brayden's two front teeth finally came through. And now the ones on either side of them are coming too. It still could be a while before we see them, but the gums are swollen up now. I hope that these ones aren't as rough as the last two. Brayden finally got rid of the runny nose and stuffiness this past Monday. And my sweet little boy is back. In fact, he is even sweeter because now he is giving kisses and hugs.

The crawling is getting faster and faster, sometimes I think he is in a race. He is also pulling up on everything and walking around the furniture. I think once he learns to not take giant steps, he will be walking not too long after that. So here are the bruises, bumps and falls that everyone warned be about!

Brayden will be 8 months old this coming Sunday, July 15th. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, where has the time gone?

That's it for now, except, BIG Congratulations to Marko, Laura, and Sean Peric on the upcoming new addition to their family! Laura has a blog with sweet pictures of her little guy Sean, and you can have a look at

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