Friday, April 11, 2008

Back to work

So I was called back to work for a few more weeks, staying until the end of April, which is kind of nice. Today I found out the date of my c-section and I'm happy to say that the new MacKay baby will be born on August 4/08. It's quite a relief to know this time when the baby is going to come instead of playing the long and tiresome waiting game and seeing the due date come and go like it did with Brayden.

We are having some difficulty choosing names for the baby this time, and I've started up a group on facebook to get suggestions from friends and family. The group is called "Help name the new member of the MacKay family" for anyone who would like to join and leave a name suggestion.

This past weekend Brayden had his very first haircut. He still doesn't have much hair, but the hair he had was getting quite long around his ears and neck, so we got a bit of a trim. Now he doesn't looks so shaggy.