Thursday, May 24, 2007

fun fun fun

Today Brayden had his 6 month checkup and needles. He did great, cried for a couple seconds, but with a hug from me, was OK. He is growing bigger and bigger, 18lbs 10oz, 26.5 inches long, and his head was 48 inches. Yes I know, he has a big head, but the rest of him is starting to catch up to it. I had weighed Brayden a couple weeks ago at Baby Club and he was 19lbs, but since then he was sick, so I guess he lost a few ounzes.

Yesterday Brayden and I went to town with my parents for some shopping. All I planned on getting was diapers and wipes that were on sale at WalMart, but my mom and I got a bit carried away. Not only did Brayden get diapers and wipes, but a coat for the fall (which I only paid $7 for!), a new giraffe toy that plays music and the balls go around, two little houses that sing songs and talk, a new rubber book, a new Baby Einstein movie, and a couple of Nuby Nibblers. For those who don't know, a Nuby Nibbler looks like something you would make a homemade popsicle with, but you put fruit or cooked veggies in and let your baby chew away. Good for relief of teething and to get a snack.

There was a reason behind the rubber book too. Brayden has a few board books and recently showed some interest in them, so I put a couple in the toy pile and let him play with them. Well, he likes them to eat apparently. He ate the corner right off one of the books. Mike picked him up and he was chewing away (which he does sometimes, looks like a cow chewing cud), but then he coughed and spit out the corner of the book. They went back on the shelf.

So that is just about it for now. We are back to being up through the night again, but the odd night Brayden will sleep through. At least we had a week.

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