Wednesday, May 16, 2007

6 months

Yesterday, Brayden was 6 months old. Time is flying by way to fast! He is doing so many new things, like trying to pull himself up to standing, he laughes at everything, he squeals when he laughs sometimes, and he "roars", which is so cute and funny. He is still trying to get the crawling thing down, but still pushes himself backwards. He'll get it eventually.

We have had a pretty busy week here too. Saturday we went to a wedding reception and dance for our friends Jennifer and Ashley Watson who were married in the sunny Dominican Republic on April 26th. We had a great time. Then on Sunday, we had plans to go out to lunch with my parents and sisters at Pizza Delight and a supper of lobsters with Mike's parents for mothers day, but Sunday morning Brayden woke up with a fever and was throwing up. So I went to lunch with my parents and Mike stayed home with Brayden. When I got home, Mike was also not feeling well, but Brayden had a nice long nap and seemed to be back to his normal self again, so him and I went for lobsters. Well, I had lobsters, Brayden chewed on a stuffed cow. My first taste of lobsters this season, and they were GOOD!

For Mother's Day, Mike and Brayden got me a massage, manicure and pedicure package from Radiant Refelections at the Delta Hotel. I had a 30 minute massage before, but this one goes for 1.5 hours, I am really looking forward to it. They also got me some flowers and a couple of cute cards. Great first Mother's Day.

So that is pretty much it for now, there's a couple new pictures of Brayden. One of him and Mike which I think is hilarious, cause they are making the same face, and I just happened to get it on camera, too funny.

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