Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Splish Splash

Yesterday, Brayden started swimming lessons at the pool in Montague. He didn't really learn a whole lot, but he had a great time. We knew another baby there, Rowan. Rowan had a great time splashing and splashing. My sister Sandra got a few pics of Brayden in the water, but she hasn't emailed them to me yet. But there are a few pics of Brayden in his wetsuit when I was getting him ready to go.

This Saturday we are taking Brayden on his first road trip. We are going to Moncton for the night for the Car Show. Well honestly I am going for the shopping. I can't wait to get to Toys-R-Us. This weekend, Mike and I will also be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. Hard to believe that this first year has flown by so fast, but when I think back to everything we've done in the last year; baby, house renos; I can see how it did.

Well I think that's all to report for now, not too much new at all.

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