Sunday, April 15, 2007

5 months already!

Today Brayden is 5 months old. Hard to believe how fast time is flying by. Soon we will be celebrating his first birthday and I'll really wonder where time went. In his first five months, Brayden has learned to roll from belly to back and back to belly, sit up on his own, chew on EVERYTHING, eating solids, has gotten two teeth, and so much more.

We went to my parent's house today for turkey dinner, my aunt Wanda and uncle Allan had just returned from the Dominican Republic on Friday, so this was their Easter dinner. It was DELICIOUS. Who doesn't love turkey dinner?

Brayden's third tooth is in the process of coming in so he is cranky today, but I guess that's what we will live with for 17 more teeth :P

Went for a stroll the other day with my friend Brenda and her baby Maysea, and Brenda got a good picture of Brayden in his stroller.

By the way, on the photo contest that Brayden is entered into, all the votes will be reset today, so Brayden has an even better chance than before of winning since he will start at zero with the rest. Please continue to vote for him, and for everyone that has been voting, thank you so much!

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Laura said...

Happy 5 Month Birthday Brayden! Wow, teeth already eh? I think Sean was like 7 months before he got a tooth and now I think he's cutting two bottom molars!