Friday, April 13, 2007

another storm, is this really april??

Well today we are forecast to have another snow storm :(

This time last year I was planning my wedding and on my wedding day (april 22nd), it was 18 outside. What a turnaround.

Brayden and I laid pretty low this week. On Monday we went to day after Easter dinner at my parent's house, good time and good food.

We also had a visit with my friend Brenda and her baby Maysea on Wednesday and baby club on Thursday. So I guess we didn't really lay low :)

I got a couple pictures of Brayden and Maysea, and one of Brayden with Brenda's dog Gibson, who someday I am going to dognap. There is also a picture there of Brayden finally playing with his "peek and play" dome. We bought it for Christmas and it has been sitting in the corner since. But now that Brayden is sitting up for long periods of time, he can use it...yay!!!

Today, we will be waiting out this pending storm :(

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